How To Lose Weight This Week By Fasting?

How To Lose Weight This Week By Fasting?

I’m sure you have been realized that obesity is an epidemic that affects all the persons and all age groups. This problem assumes an alarming situation in Western nations due to the abundant
food available her

Is Obesity an eternal problem?

If you can understand the psyche of obese people that losing weight is an insurmountable problem. In the face of this statement, you may disagree with me. However, the way the weight loss industry is growing and the number of weight-loss diets coming up on regular intervals validates my statemen beyond any doubt.

Listen up!

Unless you change this wrong perception and come to reality, the obesity problem continuously haunts you without any hope of becoming lean and healthy.

Eat less

Remember! The simple truth is that you have piled up excess fat by eating excess calories than what is required for your body? The obvious solution is that you have to prepare a diet with fewer calories so your calorie intake will come down.
It is not that simple That seems to be very easier to say than do. Okay, I can understand but the fact remains that in order to lose weight, intake of calories must be less than your body required and that is how your excess fat will be burned.

The solution is in your hands

Despite this simple fact, there is a Sea of misinformation available all over the Internet and other mediums that are complicating instead of solving the problem.

As a consequence, the obesity rates are growing in alarming proportions. Today an average American body fat has become higher with disastrous health consequences.

Okay let’s see what the consequences of excess
body fat is:

  • It is an undeniable fact that carrying excess fat will have an impact on physical and
  • emotional life.
  • It has been estimated that obesity-related conditions cost over 150 million dollars and cause 300,000 premature deaths in the US alone.
  • High blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, joint problems, cancer, and many
  • psychological disorders are said to be associated with obesity.

My story:

Before my marriage
, I am a healthy individual without any undue concerns about ill-health.
I’ve put on weight After I got married, I’ve put on a lot of weight. So the doctors warned me of the negative consequences and associated health problems.
As the situation slipping out of my hands I was forced to focus on this problem and it gradually develops interest reading about all the aspects of
obesity guides so on and so forth.

My blog

Subsequently, I have started my website healthy diet and started posting articles based on my experience. I have also reviewed many popular diets and in the process, I used to tell people the pros and cons of each and every product.

My insights

As I’m learning many things about these diets, I can able to see a pattern of why people unable to achieve their weight loss goals in spite of many diet programs available in the market.

My experience and interpretation

This book is based on my experience and a close analysis of what is happening in the weight loss industry.
Whatever the nutritionists and dieticians tell I have realized that when it comes to weight loss the proven weight loss method that gives permanent results is restricted calorie intake for a prolonged period of time for guaranteed results.

I believe that you are well aware of all the popular diets that are most discussed. This includes Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, the Mediterranean diet, the paleo diet, and the list goes on like this. Each diet has its pros and cons.

These days there is a lot of buzz about the fast diet. However, the question remains unanswered in the minds of many people as to which diet is the best for weight loss.
Here I would like to discuss this topic so that it answers their question.

  1. Flexibile
    Unlike other diets, the fast diet is easy to stick on for the long term that is why this really works. You eat normally for five days and reduce your calories only for two days a week. So this flexibility is not available in other diets as you have to reduce your calories every day.

    Another important benefit of this diet is that this lifestyle will not come into your way as you can attend parties and go to business lunches….
  2. Enjoyable
    Once you realize that there are five days in a week in which you can eat anything you want, you can enjoy the fast diet lifestyle.
    You can do fasting twice in nonconsecutive days from Monday to Friday, which are the days you are generally busy.
  3. As you are preoccupied with work the sign of hunger doesn’t affect you
    much. As a whole, you love this lifestyle.
  4. No need to avoid your favorite foods Unlike other popular diets the fast diet lifestyle does not suggest you eliminate your favorite foods for weight loss.
    Those who are on a fast diet eat normally for five days a week. This is what we call a feed time.
    During feeding time you can eat whatever the food you like normal and there is no restriction whatsoever.
    The only thing you have to keep in mind is that don’t overstuff during this time to ensure that the benefits that you derive during fasting time are maintained.
  5. No restrictions
    The problem with many other diets is that you have to follow a super restrictive diet for a long period of time. Only a small set of people who are very dedicated can follow this strict regiment
    and achieve phenomenal results. However, for many people following such strict regiment’s practically impossible. Even though they follow for a certain period of time, they give up in the middle and as a result, the weight loss process comes to a grinding halt.
    Unlike other types, the fast diet doesn’t require to follow the restrictive dietary regiment. In fact, this diet does not interfere with your regular lifestyle, so you can lose weight steadily while eating your
    favorite foods.
  6. Can be followed easily
    After following the fast diet for a couple of months, I’m sure you will feel that you have found an eating plan that you will be following for a lifetime. You don’t experience this feeling in the other diets.
  7. Permanent results
    I understand that the goal of any weight loss program is a permanent weight loss. Nobody wants a program that is short-lived.
    But it is a fact that many weight loss programs that promise quick weight loss finally end up with weight gain. And this is the main reason that people switch over to different weight loss programs with the hope of permanent results.
    Remember that any diet that is not flexible enough and also too much restrictive doesn’t bring permanent results.
    Thankfully is the fast diet lifestyle being very flexible and not restrictive in the sense that you will not feel deprived of your food choices, the result of your weight loss is permanent.
    You have to realize that fasting is a method of weight loss that can only bring the last longing results.
  8. It is a lifestyle
    If I say that a fast diet is a diet program, I am simply looking at its surface rather than going deep inside of it. I, therefore, urge upon you not to consider this as a diet program rather than a lifestyle.
    By embracing this attitude you can quickly adopt a fast diet as your lifestyle and fully enjoy all the health benefits associated with it.
    Factually, a fast diet is a lifestyle because it does not stipulate any timing, recommend any foods, and impose restrictions on your favorite diets.
  9. No side-effects
    Most of the fad diet not healthy and eventually leaves you with many side effects such as fatigue, nausea and other disorders It is also reported that over the counter HCG products that are used for weight loss are not good for your health.
    There are a lot of risks associated with rapid weight loss which include malnutrition, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalances.
    The fast diet lifestyle does not entail any extreme forms of intervention into your body functioning and therefore it will not have any side effects.
  10. It doesn’t take your time and energy With the fast diet lifestyle, you can live an active and healthy life without taking your time and energy. This is possible due to the fact that there is no need of searching for more diets.

The main benefit of a fast diet lifestyle is that you can eat the foods that you like. You don’t try to classify which foods are good and which foods are bad. You are in full charge of your food regiment and therefore you enjoy peace of mind.

  1. Inexpensive
    A fast diet lifestyle does not recommend any expensive supplements or foods. It is simply restricting the calorie intake for a 24-hour period twice a week. And that’s it. Weight loss is a balancing act of feeding and fasting Your body is designed to eat, store, and burn.
    That means we’re always live in two states i.e feeding and fasting.
    In the feeding state, we eat and store the food. In the fasting state, we burn the food.
    In other words, your body is designed to eat the food and store it in the form of fat when it is available. When the food is scarce, your body
    uses food that is stored in fats.
    Your body is not yet upgraded:
    What do I mean by “not upgraded body” it means that your body is designed and functions to tune with ancient conditions when food is not
    available 24 x 7.
    In olden days your ancestors hunt for food and there is no guarantee of availability always. In those conditions, you have to necessarily store the food to meet the contingencies.

Food abundance

Fortunately today there is no shortage of food for people like us living in Western nations. That means there is no need for us to excessively eat and store in the form of fats. However, the reality is that we eat in excess quantities, unable to resist the temptations of tasty colorful foods that are marketed by the food industry. The resultant condition is that we are a nation of obese people

facing many problems.

  • Fasting is the only way out to lose weight:
    * Fasting is the only way to maintain calorie balance. Put it simply store some fat when you are eating and burn some fat when you’re not eating.
    * You fast every day
    * Remember! Fasting is not a new phenomenon.
    * You are fasting every day when you are sleeping. If you sleep for eight hours obviously you are fasting for eight hours. In order to lose weight,
    you have to extend the period of fasting to some more extra hours. And that’s it Conscious fasting.

Age-old practice

You may not aware that in Eastern societies the habit of fasting has been impregnated into their culture and therefore fasting is part of their daily routine.
In Western societies, the concept of fasting has been disappeared in the wake of consumerism and therefore the concept of fasting appears to be Greek and Latin.

Myths about fasting

Myth #1: Fasting slows down metabolism

There is a widespread belief that fasting will slow down your metabolism.
Metabolism = your lean body mass
Remember your metabolism mostly depend on your body weight. To be precise metabolism depends on your lean body mass [all the parts of the body – your body fat] More metabolism= more lean body mass
So! The more “lean body mass” you have the higher the metabolism. The obvious inference is that as long as you maintain your lean body mass
the question of slowing down of your metabolism does not arise. Fasting doesn’t slow down metabolism.
Hence, it is a wrong belief that dieting will slow down your metabolism. Even if you are on a fasting diet for 48 hours it will not have any impact on your metabolism.

Children > true
This may be true for growing children but not adults. It has been proved that short-term fasting does not affect your brain.
Adults > false
On the other hand, older people who are on a longterm calorie-restricted diet have improved their memory.
So the myth of fasting will affect your brain is also false.

Another widespread myth that is causing concern is that you lose your muscle when you go on a
fasting diet.
No impact on fast dieters
It is true that a long-term calorie restriction can cause loss of your muscle. However, 24 hours fast or 48-hour fast in a week does not cause any breakdown of your muscle.
Combine fasting and workouts
It is always desirable to combine 30-minute workouts at least twice per week along with fast a diet so as to maintain and preserve your muscle mass.
Another myth, therefore, is busted.

Whenever you experience a sign of hungry you assume that the food in your body has been depleted. And immediately you go to replenish your body with the food that you normally eat.
But in reality, the sign of hunger does not entirely relate to biological factors alone.
Hunger a conditional response
Hunger, for the most part, is a conditioned response to factors like taste, smell social and environmental factors.
In other words, your desire to eat is a response to a combination of the amount of food you have eaten and other factors including TV commercials, colorful food packaging, etc..
The conditional response can be unlearned
You know very well that any conditional-response can be unlearned. It means you replace your existing food habits with new ones. That is to say
that the fast diet lifestyle can help you unlearn your past food habits and replace them with healthy ones.
So when you shifted to fast diet lifestyle you may experience some sort of dizziness initially and however, as you move through it all such tendencies will disappear.

It is a fact that low sugars in your blood can cause lightheadedness. We call this state as hypoglycemic. This is a common symptom for those who are suffering from diabetes.
Fast diet is not a full fast
If you go for a full 24 hours fast even then you will not have any problem with the hypoglycemic state.
Obviously, since the fast diet lifestyle that I am talking now is not a full fast and as it is semi-fast the symptoms of dizziness are almost ruled out.
Anxiety and stress-related
Despite all these facts if you experience the symptoms of lightheadedness when you are on a fast diet, this may be caused by anxiety and stress.
Apprehensions about fasting
People have many apprehensions about fasting. This includes the wrong belief system of fasting is unhealthy. In some cases, these symptoms may be caused by the very feeling of not eating the food that they like. This we call as royal symptoms.
Fast diet is for healthy people
So fasting is not advisable for those who suffer from diabetes. In healthy individuals, fasting does not cause low blood sugars. Initial symptoms of lightheadedness will be subsided in the course of time. In view of these facts, you should not give up your fast diet lifestyle simply based on your

Fast diet is a lifestyle

Let me emphasize that the fast diet is not a diet program. Here I am not suggesting any weight loss foods or any weight loss meal plans.
The fast diet is a simple strategy of reducing the intake of calories to optimally maintain bodyweight and burning excess fat. It is a holistic and healthy lifestyle with any health benefits associated with it.

How To Lose Weight This Week By Fasting?